Children's Program - 18mths - 8 yrs

Me and My Buddy - 18mths-2yrs

Mini Movements - 2yrs-3yrs

Broadway Babies I - 3yrs-4yrs

Children's Division A - 5yrs-6yrs

Children's Division B - 7yrs-8yrs

Recreational Levels Programs

For students who love to perform and just want to have some fun.  

Classes include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater/Acting, and Vocal.  

Levels ages 9-12

Levels ages 13+

Professional Program - by audition only.




Private lessons are available upon request and studio availability.  

Should you have any questions regarding classes or our levels, please contact the studio. 412-920-1841

Karen Prunzik's

Broadway Performing Arts Center