In our SECOND DECADE BDS is excited to produce MUSICALS each year!  

Performing Arts

Past Productions...

"The Nutcracker"                         2017 Christmas Show

"The Best Of..."                            2017 Spring Production

"The Nutcracker"                        2016 Christmas Show
"Musical Feet"                             2016 Spring Production 
"City Lights"                                 2015 Spring Production
"Broadway & Beyond"                2014 Spring Production
"The Nutcracker"                        2013 Christmas Show
"Notes on Broadway"                 2013 Spring Production
"The Nutcracker"                        2012 Christmas Show
"And The Tony Goes Go"           2012 Spring Production
"Lights! Camera! Action!"           2011 Spring Production
"The Reel Broadway"                 2010 Spring Production
"In the Theater"                          2009 Spring Production

Karen Prunzik's Broadway Dance Studio

Both productions will be presented on June 9, 2018 at Keystone Oaks High School Auditorium

 They Sing! They Dance! They Act!
2018 ushers in a NEW YEAR!  Broadway Dance Studio & Performing Arts will be producing Musicals!  TWO MUSICALS each year!  

Spring Production Information
- All Broadway Dance Studio students participate in the Annual Spring Productions. 
- The Spring Production Fee is $200. It may be paid in full at the time of registration or made in two $100 payments prior to the start of the semester. 

- You will not be purchasing costumes out of catalogue book taking on that exorbitant extra fee. Our shows are costumed by BDS!
- All DVD orders, photos, apparel, and ads are 100% optional.
- We do not work on “ROUTINES” solely from January to May. Our classes consist of technique and choreography throughout the year. The choreography created in each class will be used in our Production. Our students and our parents love our shows and you will too!

Upcoming Productions...

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