Level III

Level III (Ages 14-18)

45 minute to 1 hour 30 minute classes offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theater*, Acro/Tumbling, Vocal, and Acting.

Combined packaged option: "Chorus Line" includes 2 Ballet, 2 Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theater.

​*Must attend at least 1 Ballet and 1 Jazz class offered at BDS to qualify.


Dependent upon technique level.

Monthly Tuition

1 class: $80 Monthly
2 classes: $132 Monthly
3 classes: $170 Monthly
4 classes: $208 Monthly
5 classes: $246 Monthly

"Chorus Line" Package: $284 Monthly (Add Vocal, Acro/Tumbling, or Acting for only $9 each)

Level II students wear a Black Leotard, Pink or Tan tights, Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes and Tan Character Shoes (MT Only).

​Boys wear black pants and a white shirt.  Black ballet shoes, Black Jazz Shoes, and Black Tap Shoes.

ALL classes are subject to availability and could change at any time.  

The above monthly tuitions DO NOT include the Annual Spring Production fees.  Please see the Spring Production Page for details.  

Karen Prunzik's Broadway Dance Studio

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​Availability is limited per class.

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