Here at BDS we offer 2 options for classes.

Our most popular option is our PACKAGE OPTION. 
Our PACKAGE OPTION offers the opportunity to enroll in multiple disciplines for the more serious student at a discount price rather than paying for each class individually.

Our 2nd option is our INDIVIDUAL CLASS option designed for the recreational dancer.

Fall 2016/Spring 2017 Season


Classes are listed in AGE order.  

Mini Movements 2-3 year olds

Broadway Babies I 3-4 year olds

Broadway Babies II 4-5 year olds

Children's Division I 5-6 year olds

Children's Division II 6-7 year olds

Children's Division III 7-8 year olds

Level I 9-10 year olds

Level II 10-12 year olds

Level III 12+ year olds - Placement required.

​Level IV 13+ year olds - Placement required.

​Adults 19+

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Package and Class options


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