What Includes in a Thorough End of Lease Clean?

When someone moves out from a leased apartment, condo, or house, it can be a bit demanding as this requires cleaning and packing belongings to receive the bond money in its complete amount. This is the reason why most people require End of Lease Clean to ascertain they would get the money back 100 %.

If the walls are not cleaned similar to how they were the first-time renter moved into the house, or of the floor is stained, the renter will not be able to get the money back as what has been agreed. He/she needs to return the property in its best condition to get the deposit from the owner or property management.

Cleaning the house alone might not be sufficient and this is where cleaning serviced becomes important and demanded.

What is End of Lease Cleaning?

According to the written agreement when it comes to a leased property, the tenant or renter is necessitated to return the property in a clean and good condition before the lease runs out, and that he/she needs to provide lease cleaning.

Lease cleaning is more than just regular cleaning as it follows stricter guidelines and cleaning methods to ensure that the client will be able to get the rental bond amount. This is the very reason why it is always advised that lease cleaning is done by the professional service who has the necessary cleaning materials and equipment to ensure though cleaning method and output.

Take note that service companies are not the same, as there are inclusions and exclusion to their services. Thus, it is advised that the renter knows what he/she wants in the cleaning service.

Inclusions at the End of Lease Cleaning

Removing stains from doors, walls, and all surfaces

Clearing cobwebs, insect marks, and small nests

Removing grease from the sliding door cracks

Cleaning filters, fans, AC, and other appliances

Cleans the window thoroughly

Cleaning the drawers and the cupboards

Mopping the floor

Vacuuming the carpets and other parts of the house

Disinfect the washbasin, shower, tap, toilet

Clean mirrors, floor, towel rails, and window tracks

Cleans exhaust fan

Cleans the drawer and cupboards

Deep clean the shelves, cupboards, and drawers

Removing grease

Sanitize the sink

Mop the floor

Cleaning the refrigerator

There are also cleaning services that provide cleaning services to other parts of the house such as the garage and patios. This might involve removing the cobwebs, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing off the dirt on the surface.

Exclusion in End of the Lease Cleaning

Damps spots – they would guarantee to give their best to remove stains but they cannot guarantee to remove stains that are impossible to remove

Mold – there is a mold that has become permanent

Discoloration – discoloration may happen due to the normal wear and tear of the materials

Dangerous areas – this includes bio-waste, cracked powerpoints, etc.

Drawers and furnished cupboards – unremoved drawers and cupboards will not be cleaned

Whenever you want a deep cleaning experience especially for the purpose of getting back your bond rental, it is advised that you take cleaning services just as this, to make sure you get and achieve your desired results.