Locations to Take Your Wedding Vow to the Next Level 

Are you on the road to another journey? Does that journey come as something very special and memorable? If you’re on the road to choosing to spend the rest of your stay on earth with someone, I’m very sure, you want that experience to be lasting and unique enough to be remembered. 


Here are some locations where you can take that vow to the next level. 

  • Nature: Are you and your partner adventurous? Do you both enjoy the rush of adrenaline going river rafting, surfing or cliff diving? Does the view on a mountain top take your breath away? Then you should probably consider doing your vows with nature around you. Your wedding will not only be memorable because you have a great view of the ocean or because you’re almost on that cliff, but because you’re finally tied to your greatest adventure. 
  • Historical Venues: Venues that have history hits hard on a very memorable day. If you are someone sentimental or not, your wedding is something that deserves to be a part of that historical area. 
  • Museums or Libraries: Maybe you’re on a tough budget with decors, having your wedding venue in a museum or library will have art enough that you don’t need to think on putting a lot of decors. 
  • Nightclubs: I know this is your day but I know you also want your friends to enjoy the after party, so why not bring the wedding to the party beforehand? It will help hype up your wedding day! 
  • Rooftop: If you are a fan of skyscrapers and the view of the city as the sun goes down, you should consider a rooftop as your venue. It can be anywhere if you are on a budget with just some close friends and family. All you will probably need are some lights and some wine. 
  • Theatre or Stadium: If you are a fan of grand gestures, nothing is grander than having your wedding in a stadium or a theatre. This may not be a conventional wedding venue standard but trust me it will help you with remembering how in such a huge place, all eyes are on you. 
  • Train or Train Stations: You may have met the love of your life while traveling. A train station is a good way of reminiscing that first glance. 
  • Summer Camp: Maybe you’re spending the rest of your life with the best friend you once knew in summer camp. Doing your wedding in the summer camp venue where you once met as kids must mean not just having your partner’s back as you grow old, but also having your best friend on the same journey. 
  • Winery: If you want something fancy and carefree at the same time, you might want to consider having your wedding in a winery. Besides, what’s an occasion without wine anyway? 

If you want a wedding of the lifetime on a vineyard, Barossa Valley wineries will help you have that romantic location. Connect with them and have your wedding of a lifetime.